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On kids & expectations

Received an interesting insight today over a coffee meeting.    Something I hadn’t explicitly thought about or realized. It is important to explain to your kids that you have expectations for them and tell them explicitly what those expectations are. … Continue reading

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On attributing the anti-vaccine movement to stupidity

Best I can tell, the benefits of vaccination far outweigh the risks.   I am pro-vaccination. That said, I have often felt that, accusing people who are against vaccination of stupidity or scientific illiteracy, is too simplistic and intellectually lazy. Science … Continue reading

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On Kids & money

Ever since our older daughter turned 8, we have been fending off her pleas for an allowance or a points/rewards system. We didn’t think she was ready yet. More importantly we weren’t ready for the challenges that would surely ensue. … Continue reading

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On convincing people

Often we use facts to convince people we are arguing people. But, truly we disagree not because we differ on the facts, but because we differ on unstated assumption. So, to really convince somebody, it is necessary to determine and … Continue reading

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