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Basic web server using node.js

I had a strange scenario to remotely work on a server today. I had to upload some diagnostics from the server to assist with offline troubleshooting. Unfortunately the network allowed only inbound traffic and no traffic. After puzzling over it … Continue reading

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Disabling Windows firewall

Sometimes while troubleshooting I temporarily disable the Windows firewall using the following command netsh advfirewall set allprofiles state off Today when I tried I received an advisory warning In future versions of Windows, Microsoft might remove the Netsh functionality for … Continue reading

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Automating email generation & notification using node.js

My kids class enlists parent volunteers to participate and enrich the in-class learning experience.  I  send a reminder email every Friday to all parents, listing the parents who have signed up for each activity the following week.   After doing it for a month, I am … Continue reading

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Using Fiddler with node.js on Microsoft Windows

The node.js request module supports proxies. There are a couple of different ways to enable this. I find this approach nifty as it doesn’t involve changes to the app or the app’s config. Open a Windows command prompt and type … Continue reading

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Node js running out of file descriptors

While splicing together several Javascript objects and applying business rules,  I realized it would be easier to write unit tests and validate the business rules if I serialized the object graph for each user to a separate file on disk. … Continue reading

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Dependency injection and node.js

Links to research

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Powershell recipe to rename .txt files to .json

get-childitem -filter ‘*.tx t’| rename-item -NewName {$ -replace ‘.txt’, ‘.json’} Source

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