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CIE at the UW & Networking …

This Thursday I attended the networking event for ENTRE 540 at the U.   As usual I felt really out of place.    That apart it seemed like a promising venue to hook up with people with bright ideas who want … Continue reading

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When elephants trip over ant-hills

Yesterday, I had a not so thrilling experience.   I had phoned into a conference call to attend a Scrum i- teration planning meeting.  I watched in surprise as a really savvy ScrumMaster took a few mis-steps which resulted in us all going down a rabbit hole.   3 … Continue reading

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Architecture will emerge?

In some people’s mind, Architecture and Agile methodology can’t seem to co-exist without some tension.   Agile focuses on continuously delivering business value, learning and correcting course.  To that extent it is very tactical.  Architecture focuses on optimization, the most important of which is … Continue reading

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Security vocabulary

As a follow up to my post on authorization, I realized I should clarify the terminology I use.   I find that people often use a very crude vocabulary to distinguish between the various concepts and as a result often arrive … Continue reading

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A model for authorization primitives

So far, I’ve worked on several authorization systems that involve medium to high complexity functional requirements.    Curiously most of the home-grown systems I inherited suffered from similar inadequacies in the model.  As a result these implementation were complex and bug-ridden.   A … Continue reading

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Discovering windows password using ophcrack

I saw a YouTube video that made it seem very easy to retrieve the windows password from a computer using Ophcrack.  Ophcrack supposedly uses rainbow tables to look up the password corresponding to your hash.   Pretty slick.  It essentially turns a computational … Continue reading

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Seperating data from the software using Parallels VM (1 of several)

I have often found it painful that my data and software settings are shackled to a physical environment.   I’d like to take my personal email (archives and all) with me wherever I go, without having to setup every computer to … Continue reading

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