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Talking about Point in Time Architecture

Sendhil has a found an interesting article.   The simplicity of the article stands out.   It is a useful reference.  I hope to use it as an introduction if I have to get somebody to start thinking this way. For a … Continue reading

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New book on Emergent Design by Scott Bain …

I was catching up on the NetObjectives blog today.   Looks like Scott is coming out with a new book.  This one on emergent design.   Scott is fascinating to listen to.  He has a way dissecting really intricate points and … Continue reading

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Virtual environments using Parallels

For a long time I’ve always wanted to switch completely to virtual environments.  My frustration with physical environments started with my Windows 98 home computer.  My wife the ever eager explorer of the unchartered territories of the WWW,  would periodically … Continue reading

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Structuring agile processes as Pull Models

I read the book Toyota Production  (TPS) a few months ago.  Mary Poppendieck of Lean Software  talks about TPS, to empasize some of the points in the Lean Practices she is advocating.   A few things clicked in my head when I finished … Continue reading

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Is continuously tinkering with code a bad thing?

Over time, I have run into several developers who obsessively tinker with code.  The project can be declared over.   The task can be declared done by the proper QA verification.  Regardless, these folks continue polishing the code.   For the most part … Continue reading

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Coming back home (to my blog)

It’s good to be back and posting again.  For the last 6 months, life at work was too political and I felt that blogging about it would hurt the larger cause that the org was striving towards.  During that time, … Continue reading

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