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Over compensating for the Scrum Master

Thanks to the new VP Engineering at work, we are using Scrum as the development methodology for new product development. This is sending shock waves through the corridors. I see that we are conditioned to follow the waterfall methodology. Most … Continue reading

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Winning the Area62 Evaluation Contest

On Wednesday 2007.Mar.07, I competed in the Toastmastes Area 62 evaluation & International speech contest. I placed first & in the evaluation contest. Paul Hoefling from Rhetoracles took second place. Can’t recall if I have won at this level, before. … Continue reading

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KE7KXU, CQ CQ CQ.   If you hear this on an amateur radio band,  you are probably listening to me.   That’s right!   I got my Technician’s license last Sunday.   I still haven’t bought a radio.  That will be the next … Continue reading

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UI tier – Couple to service interface or domain model?

Building a UI page or control directly over an object model forces the UI logic to be programmatically bound to the following. * Relationship between the objects in the object model. * The object to which a property is assigned. … Continue reading

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The consensus illusion?

At work these days, I am volunteering to synthesize a conceptual unification of the viewpoints from co-architects.    I think doing this is valuable.  I believe that there are valuable nuggets & hidden cases in everybody’s viewpoint.  However, somedays I wake … Continue reading

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